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Doomsday: Fatma Goes Nuts; Flights Full

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(Sabah Newspaper, 12 December 2012)
Fatma escorted by alien intruder.

Fatma Aslanboga (55), a mother of nine who makes
a living collecting olives in Ayvalik district of
Balikesir province, has been affected by the
claims that doomsday will come on 21 December.
Fatma has had psychological problems for a while
and the evening before last she argued with the
youngest of her brood, who is 15 years old, resulting
in a nervous breakdown.

An emergency medical team came, responding
to a call from neighbors, but Fatma resisted the team
when they asked her to get into the ambulance. The
police came and convinced Fatma to board the
ambulance, which then took her to Ayvalik State
Hospital.  However, Fatma was similarly uncooper-
ative at the emergency room and was put under
observation only with difficulty.

As she left the hospital Fatma scolded her son and
claimed that the world would end on 21 December.
She asserted that "noone believes it but we're going
to die. The end of the world has come. Smart people
should know that doomsday is coming. Come to
your senses!" Fatma was taken home a bit later in
a police vehicle.

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(Sabah Newspaper, 12 December 2012)
Last flight to Doomstown

According to the airline search engine Skyscanner,
searches for flights related to Izmir and southern
France have increased dramatically for the week
of 21 December. Turkey's Skyscanner representative
Murat Ozkok stated that "the search for one-way
tickets to southern France has increased by 41%
and to Izmir by around 30%."

Meanwhile, the head of  TOSHID (Turkey's private
airline association), Musa Alioglu, reported that
ticket requests for  Izmir, especially from Istanbul,
have increased markedly. He noted that "the fact
that flights to Izmir are 100% booked for the week
of 21 December, in spite of it being winter, is

Sirince is near Selcuk (lower center)

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