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The Trouble With Marriage

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 20 December 2012)
Actually, he's probably better off without her...

In Marmaris district of Mugla province, decoration
expert Ilhan Erdugan (41) sent a notice to a
matchmaker column in a newspaper four years ago
and met N.C. (35), a divorced mother of two from
Trabzon. At the time, Erdugan was working on a
job in Istanbul and went to Trabzon a few times
to advance the friendship.

Three months later the couple decided to marry
but N.C. was fearful of her family's reaction so
she left her two children and ran off to Istanbul
with Erdugan. Soon afterwards they convinced
their families, wed, settled in Trabzon and had
a child together.

The couple's happy wedlock entered into stormy
seas last year when Erdugan went to Tokat for
a job. Erdugan learned that N.C., who had started
working at a chicken farm, ran off  with a co-worker,
taking their child with her. Erdugan stated that
"N.C. sent me a message saying 'this can't go on
like this. I've filed for divorce.' I later learned that
she'd been seeing the guy she ran off with for a
few months. When I asked her relatives for help
they threatened me."

Erdugan is currently awaiting help from officials
in order to be reunited with his child.


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(Sabah Newspaper, 20 December 2012)
Three's a crowd.

In Istanbul, Cihan Dogan (30), who works as a
manager at a firm, lost his identity card last year
and just as he was about to get engaged he was
shocked by a congratulatory letter he got in the
mail. The Mayor of Kadikoy, Selami Ozturk, had
sent Dogan a letter stating that "we wish you the
best after your wedding of September 7th 2011,
conducted by our municipality. Enjoy lifelong

Remembering that he had lost his ID card, Dogan
frantically appealed to the prosecutor upon learning
that he had "married" a woman named B.S. and was
the "father" of their child. At the same time
Dogan was trying to convince his fiance's family that
he was in fact a bachelor, although "my fiance never
doubted me for a minute."

Dogan is now in a legal tussle to divorce the 'wife'
of 1.5 years he doesn't even know. He stated that
"the guy who stole my ID card, K.B.O., is wanted
for four crimes. The woman doesn't come to the
hearings. I'm a mess. As soon as I get 'divorced'
we'll get married."

Dogan noted that the phony wedding took place
five months after he had gotten himself a new
ID card so he is suing the municipality.

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