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Twitter Nails Lazy Bureaucrats

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 31 March 2013
Ordu Governor, in happier days.

A Twitter follower sent a message to Ordu Governor
Orhan Duzgun on 13 March, saying "I think the Ulubey
Property Directorate is on vacation. They're not answering
either the phone or the fax." Governor Duzun shared the
Twitter message with Ulubey District Chief Mahmut Agbal,
ordered him to "look into it" and said that he himself
would check on the matter.

On certain days as the business day was ending Governor
Duzgun called the Ulubey Property Directorate and,
determining that no one was there to answer the phone,
he ordered an investigation into the eight people who work
there. District Chief Agbal confirmed that a letter had come
from the Governor last  Monday and that the investigation
was continuing.

District Chief Agbal stated that "there are video records being
reviewed; the personnel were there but they weren't answering
the phones. That's a separate offense. They left early and there
are some other things. The office director was on leave that
day. The investigation into those personnel who were there
that day, who left early and who didn't answer the phone is
ongoing. Based on the findings of the report an inquiry will
be conducted.

Slug-asaurus employees in Ulubey district.

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