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Dear Diary, Don't Let Dad Read This

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(Sabah Newspaper, 1 November 2013)

Diary victim Akif Yilmaz.

In Melikgazi, Kayseri province, Akif Yilmaz (22),
who breeds animals with his father, was making
plans to marry S.K. (22), the neighbor's girl he has been
talking with for the past three years. However, the
day before yesterday Osman K., the girl's father, found
S.K.'s diary. When Osman K. secretly read the diary and
found out about his daughter's love he flew off the handle.

Osman K. made his daughter arrange a meeting with Akif
Yilmaz, during which Osman K. forced the young man into
his car and took him to Yilanli Mountain. There, Osman K.
began beating Yilmaz with a club while shouting "how dare
you look at my daughter!" Osman K. also stabbed Yilmaz in
the leg.

Thinking Yilmaz was dead, Osman K. called his father, Harun
Yilmaz (52), and said "come and get your son's body." Amazed
at what he heard from his neighbor Osman K., Harun Yilmaz
went to the specified place, where Osman K. proceeded to beat
Harun Yilmaz as he had done to his son. After being taken to
the hospital, both Akif and Harun Yilmaz filed complaints against
their neighbor, Osman K.

Nevertheless, Akif Yilmaz declared that he would not abandon his
love, noting that "I didn't fight back because I wanted to show
respect to my future father-in-law. I pretended I was dead so he
would stop beating me. When he saw I was lifeless he called my
father and then beat him when he arrived at the scene. I got up
at this point but since my left ankle was broken there was nothing
I could do. But this love won't die."

Melikgazi is in Kayseri city.

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