7 Mart 2014 Cuma

A Bridge Too Far For Stingy Brother

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(Türkiye Newspaper, 7 March 2014)

      Toll booth in the works, no doubt.

Hurşut Gürsoy (61), who lives in Giresun's Piraziz
district, built an iron bridge with his own money over
the stream between his home and the road.  Gürsoy
lives in a one-story home in Bozat village with his wife
and after a number of wooden bridges were destroyed
by floods he decided to build an iron bridge.

Gürsoy asked his brother who lives next door with
his family to contribute to the project but when he got
a negative reply Gürsoy built the bridge with his own
resources, putting a gate in the middle to keep his
brother out.

Only Hurşut and Meliha know the password.

Consequently, only Gürsoy and those he gives permission
to can cross the bridge. In fact, his brother and his family
have to cross through the stream to get to their house from
the road.

Piraziz district is Giresun's westernmost.


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