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OK Given for Women to Divorce Inmate Husbands

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 25 March 2014)

Religious Affairs Ministry scores one for women's rights.

The Ministry of  Religious Affairs has announced that
there is no objection to a woman divorcing an inmate
spouse after one year. The Ministry's ruling is as follows:

Question: "Can a woman whose husband is incarcerated
for a long time marry someone else?"

Answer: "According to most Islamic scholars, a husband's
long-term incarceration or imprisonment (POW) is not a
legitimate reason for divorce. However, according to the
Malikites (followers of Imam Malik, an 8th century Islamic
judge who lived in Medine in present-day Saudi Arabia),
if a husband lives separately from his spouse for a year or
more for whatever reason, then the wife has the right to
request a divorce from the court. Once the judge determines
that there has been more than a year of separation the
spouses can divorce."

"This is applicable to situations of long-term incarceration.
This view of the Maliki sect is deemed to be more
appropriate in this regard. Consequently, a woman whose
husband is incarcerated for a long period of time can apply
to court for a divorce."

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