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Grasshoppers For Dinner? OK

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 14 March 2014)


Interesting questions continue to come to the
Ministry for Religious Affairs. The Ministry's
Supreme Council for Religious Affairs has
provided the following guidance for those
asking "what meat can I eat?":

"With regard to animals for which there is no
proscription in the Koran, Islamic scholars have
reached the conclusion that animals that are not
dirty and disgusting and which do not eat carcass
or filth; which are created without brutality and
courseness; and which are not disgusting to look at
can be considered canonically eatable."

"Consequently, kangaroo meat is permissible to
eat since the kangaroo is like the prey animals
gazelle, deer, and antelope that are bred on grass
and clean feed. Grasshoppers also fall into the
permissible category because they can be eaten
at circumcisions, by special dispensation.
However, because badgers are in the animal group
that is predatory and carnivorous, it is not proper
to eat their meat."

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