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Wife-beater Dreams Up Excuse

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(HaberTurk Newspaper, 26 March 2014)

..., but maybe they'll scare somebody else.

Housewife G.F. (32), who lives in Eyup, Istanbul, went
to the police station a month ago and reported that she
was being beaten and insulted by her husband of 10 years.

As an example, G.F. cited an incident that occurred on
27 February when she answered the phone of her visiting
mother. G.F. stated that "the caller was family friend Uncle
Necati who said that he wanted to send something via my
father, who is a long-distance truck driver. In response I
said 'I saw you in a dream Uncle Necati. It must have been
a premonition of this.'"

"My husband was in the room at the time and shouted
'you're saying you saw another man in your dream!' Then
he came after me. I said that I didn't see Uncle Necati in
the dream, just his house. Nevertheless, my husband
rained insults on me, grabbed me by  the chin and beat me."

As for husband M.F. (as in 'bad M.F.'), he explained that
"I don't care who my wife was talking with, even if he's a
relative  that kind of talk made me uncomfortable.  I
cursed a bit while we were arguing but when I saw the
situation escalating I headed for the door. However, my
wife scratched my lip and ripped it. I held her by her
wrists so she couldn't scratch my face but I absolutely
did not hit her."

The Medical Office determined that the bruises on the
young woman's arms and wrists were not life-threatening
and could be treated easily. The prosecutor filed a case
against M.F. for 'malicious wounding' and 'insulting',
crimes which carry a jail term of from 1 year 8 months to
6.5 years.

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