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Superfish Plans Trans-Aegean Swim

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 8 March 2014)

                      Shoulders at the ready.

Alper Sunaçoğlu (40) is the regional director for
a customs firm in Mersin. His first swimming record
was swimming from Mersin to Northern Cyprus, a
distance of 78 kilometers, in 26 hours 15 minutes.

Next, on 23 April 2011, he swam the Istanbul Bosporus
strait in 2 hours 25 minutes and on 29 October 2012 he
swam the length of the Dardanelles in 6 hours 45 minutes
to set a record.

Last October, to create awareness of rights and freedom,
Sunaçoğlu swam from Mersin to Hatay province's Arsuz
coast, a distance of 280 kilometers, in 125 hours (5 days).
He had also swum out to meet the 'Mavi Marmara' ship in
the Sea of Marmara, to draw attention to the situation in

Now, to set a new record Sunaçoğlu is knocking on the
doors of the state. In his own words Sunaçoğlu explained
his quest this way: "In order to help develop friendship
between Turkey and Greece, I'm planning to swim from
Izmir to Athens and from there I'll bike to Salonica, where
I'll visit the house that Atatürk was born in. That's where
I'll conclude my life in sports."

Sunaçoğlu noted that he made contact with the concerned
ministries for permission but has been waiting for a reply
for three months.

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