29 Mart 2014 Cumartesi

Inca-Israeli Relations: The Naked Truth

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(Sabah Newspaper, 29 March 2014)

//ed. note: another rare non-Turkish blog report. Based on
the merit of the content, our editors could not help but run it.//

In Peru, sixty tourists were arrested for engaging in group
sex at the site of the ruins of an ancient Inca settlement.
Peruvian police also seized 21 ceramic objects from the Inca
period that were found under the make-shift shanties made
by the tourist, most of whom were Israelis.

Last week, as well, four tourists were arrested for wandering
around naked in the Inca ruins. They had shared the photographs
they took of themselves on social media.

Hey, just having some pre-Columbian kosher fun...

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