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'Greek Fiesta', Turkish-style

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(Sabah Newspaper, 5 March 2014)

    Aegean denial & deception

Businesswoman Derya Akbay (37), who runs a restaurant
in the U.S. and owns six companies, has filed suit against
her former partners for 'blackmail and death threats'.  It is
alleged that Akbay's former colleagues wanted half a
million dollars from Akbay in return for having their
relative drop a suit against Akbay's restaurant. In the event
that Akbay didn't pay then she and her 13 year-old daughter
would be killed.

Based on Akbay's complaint, Şevki Çakmakçı and his wife
Nihal Gülseren Çakmakçı have been charged with abetting
blackmail and Ismail Ünal was charged with blackmail on
behalf of the Çakmakçı couple.

Derya and Atilla Akbay were partners with Şevki and
Gülseren Çakmakçı in the Greek Fiesta (!) restaurant
venture in the U.S.  Because of financial woes and
business dealings they came against each other in court
in the state of North Carolina, where the case is continuing.

In connection with the business, Derya Akbay came often
to Zeytinburnu in Istanbul and on 11 May 2012 she received
a call from a person she did not know.  Later it was
determined that the caller was Ismail Ünal. The conversation
opened with Ünal stating that he was a relative of the
Çakmakçı couple and Ünal went on to say that
"Şevki sends his regards".

Akbay then asked Ünal what money Şevki wanted from her.
Responding, Ünal said that "I'm talking about the court case
in the U.S. If you don't take care of it bad things will happen.
There won't be a happy ending. You must lose the suit Şevki
filed against you or you'll have to pay him 300,000 USD,
Gülseren 100,000 USD and their lawyer Blan Gei 150,000
USD.  If you don't pay it your and your daughter's lives
will be in danger."

Akbay countered by saying "are you threatening me?! Şevki
Çakmakçı is having you threaten me?!  What do you mean
by this!"  To which Ünal said "either lose the suit or agree
to pay the money. Otherwise you and your daughter will die."

Akbay recorded the conversation and filed a criminal complaint
through her lawyer with the Bakırköy, Istanbul, public
prosecutor's office.  Email messages have been submitted as
evidence. Following an investigation, Ünal was charged with
'linked blackmail', which carries a sentence of up to 5 years.
Partners Şevki and Gülseren Çakmakçı were charged with
participating in the 'linked blackmail' and also face 5-year
jail terms.

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