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Tooth Fairy Better Know Endoscopy

Türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Sabah Newspaper, 6 March 2014)

//ed. note: today's blog is dedicated to endoscopic
expert Prof. Dr. Billur Canbakan, a loyal friend of
our blog. Coincidentally, Istanbul University conferred
professorship upon Billur hanım this very day.// 

Tooth fairies finally caught on film.

A citizen named I.T. (43) swallowed his false front
teeth while sleeping, in Ankara's Polatlı district.
When he awoke the unfortunate citizen realized that
his teeth were not where they should have been and
he rushed to the hospital.

I.T.'s false teeth were rescued from his stomach with
an endoscopic procedure. Surgeon Dr. Selçuk Öktemir
noted that this was the first time such an incident had
occurred in the district. He added that the teeth had not
reached I.T.'s stomach and were actually found in the

Dr. Öktemir mused that "we've done nearly 3,000
endoscopic procedures but this is the first time something
like this has happened. From time to time we've taken out
chicken bones, fish bones and seeds, but never false teeth." 

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