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Ghengiz Khan: Fair Weather Conqueror

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(Sabah Newspaper, 12 March 2014)

Environmentally-assisted warlord.

Gheniz Khan established the largest land empire in
world history and this success was due to both his
army's superiority in battle and, it turns out, climate

According to research by the U.S. National
Academy of Science, good weather was a big help
to Ghengiz Khan, who united the Mongol tribes
in the early 1200's and formed one of the greatest
cavalries the world has ever known. For example,
because of regular rainfall, his horses, the backbone
of his army, were well-nourished on the abundant
grass that grew on the plains.

In 2012 scientists visited Mongolia and by examining
the rings in trunks of 1,100 year old Siberian pine trees
found in the Hangay Mountains they were able to
estimate the weather conditions of the period.
During the years of Ghengiz Khan's great invasions,
between 1211 and 1225, climate change ensured that
each Mongol warrior had at least five horses.

   Horde's mobility powered by good grass.

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