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Bar Fight Ends Badly, Aftermath Worse

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(Sabah Newspaper, 15 March 2014)

Seems like a nice place to have a cold one.

A fight broke out in a bar in Esetçe town in Ipsala
district of Edirne province and bar owner Şenol
Sayın killed the person he argued with. Afterwards,
Sayın wounded 4 people in two villages.

Imdat Erkenci (45) went to the bar owned by Sayın (40)
and after a while the two got into a fight. When Erkenci
left the establishment he was shot from behind by Sayın.
Erkenci died at the hospital. It is understood that Erkenci,
the married father of two, was recently released from jail.

After the murder, Sayın took off in his car and headed for
Esetçe town and Aliço Pehlivan village, where he rained
terror on the residents. Using the same revolver he had
killed Erkenci with, Sayın started firing and wounded two

Leaving this location, Sayın went to Kocahıdır town and
met up with Yüksel Akduğan and Mustafa Akduğan,
with whom Sayın has a running feud.  Sayın shot and
wounded both Akduğan's, who were brought to Keşan
State Hospital. Mustafa is doing well but Yüksel's
situation remains serious.

Sayın was captured by Gendarmerie teams at Koyuntepe
village and taken into custody.

Ipsala district is West of Keşan, on the Greek border.

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