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Ancient Turkish Beauty Says 'Cheese'

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(Sabah Newspaper, 1 March 2014)
Eighty years ago Swiss archeologists found
200 mummies, one of which was the so-called
'Lolan Beauty', also known as the 'Grandmother
of Turks', in the Sincan Uighur Autonomous Region
in China.

Continuing research on the mummies has produced
yet another amazing result. Experts from the German
Max Planck Molecular Biology Institute have found
cheese 'molecules' in samples taken from the neck
and chest areas of the mummies.

It is thought that cheese was attached to the 3,800
year-old mummies in accordance with the belief
that they should be nourished after death. The aspect
that most intrigues the German scientists is how the
cheese was made to last such a long time.

The mummies were discovered in Eastern Turkistan
but their white skin and European features have sparked
diplomatic tension  between the Chinese, who say the
mummies are their ancestors, and the Uighurs, America
and European nations.

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