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Turk 'FBI' Man's Parallel African Intrigue

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(Sabah Newspaper, 23 March 2014)

An arrest on the border of Gambia and
Senegal on 8 March has sparked some
activity in Ankara. Gambian security units
took two Turks into custody as they entered
Gambia from Senegal on foot and without

L.O., who is registered in Karaman province
(south central Turkey), was carrying an FBI
ID card and a knife. B.G., the other Turk, is
thought to be involved in the hospitality

The security units had previously received word
that a U.S.-supported radical group would carry
out an assassination attempt against Gambian
President Yahya Jammeh in the coming months.
A secret investigation was opened. When the
two Turks were found with the FBI ID card, and
after giving contradictory explanations, they were
also folded into the assassination investigation.

Bilateral foreign ministry contacts were used to
urgently request information about the two Turks
from Ankara. It turned out that L.O. earned a
masters degree in the U.S. and lived there for many
years. He also knows English, Arabic, Chinese and
French.  L.O. has a 5-10 million dollar-per-year
food company in Turkey and business operations
in Senegal, as well.

In addition, L.O. is under investigation in Senegal
for fraud. He is said to have close links to a 
group of  businessmen in Senegal who are  tied to
the parallel structure.

//ed. note: 'parallel structure' is a euphemism for
the followers of Islamist preacher Fethullah Gulen.
According to Turkish PM Erdogan, the 'parallel
structure' nefariously operates as a shadow
government  in Turkey but its activities extend to
the private sector, as well.//

The Gambia
    Gambia runs parallel (!) to Senegal on either side.

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