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Kidnapping For (and By) Dummies

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(Sabah Newspaper, 16 March 2014)

Can't even trust the doorman anymore.

The daughter of famous gynecologist Dr. Faik Acar
Koç of Ankara University, was kidnapped for ransom
in Istanbul. The hostage-taker demanded 250,000 Euros
but he was caught in Bahçeköy, thanks to technical tracking.

The interesting incident developed as follows: Koç's 24
year-old daughter G.K. lives by herself in Istanbul where
she works for an audit firm.  G.K. walks to and from work.
Sebahattin Y. is a doorman at an apartment building on
G.K.'s street.

Sebahattin Y. rented a minivan and got himself plastic
handcuffs, a fake revolver, a ski mask and a switchblade.
At 9 A.M. Sebahattin Y. kidnapped the young woman and
took her to Belgrad Forest near Istanbul. Using G.K.'s
cellphone, Sebahattin Y. phoned Dr. Koç and demanded
a ransom of 250,000 Euros

After nightfall, G.K. and Sebahattın Y. slept in the back of
the minivan. Meanwhile, her family requested technical
tracking of the suspect from the police. In the morning,
G.K. complained of the cold so Sebahattin Y. got a room
in a hotel (!).

However, since there was another outstanding warrant for
Sebahattin Y., when he registered at the hotel he was
taken into custody.  From the police station, Sebahattin Y.
called G.K. and got her to believe that she was being
followed by others. He told G.K. that if he could get out
of the police station he would be able to block these other
(imaginary) pursuers.

Nevertheless, the police got a tip that sent them back to
the hotel where they found G.K. Sebahattin Y. was captured,
as well.

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