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517 Years Later, Ottoman Pasha Returns to Croatia

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 6 November 2017)

517 yıl sonra adı doğduğu yerde
   Favorite son recognized after 517 years away. 

Efforts to preserve the traces of Ottoman rule in Croatia are continuing.
Turkish raiders began to conquer the region in the 1430s and there are
many Ottoman works in the Slovonia, Dalmatia and Krajina areas.  An
initiative by the head of the Turkey Underwater Archaeology Foundation,
Oğuz Aydemir, to track these works is bearing fruit.

For example, a sign post about Rüstem Pasha, who rose to become
Sadrıazam (Prime Minister) during the reign of Sultan Süleyman, has
been put up in Skradin, where Rüstem Pasha was born in 1500.  Aydemir,
who prepared a book entitied "Ottoman Cultural Traces in Croatia" together
with Croatian historian Andelko Vlasic, explained that "Up to the second
siege of Vienna in 1683, the Ottomans ruled Croatia for 200 years, especially
along the Adriatic coast.  There were many Croatians who served in the
Ottoman government, including Herskli Ahmet Pasha, who was Sadrıazam
5 times during the reigns of Fatih Sultan Memhmet II and Sultan Beyazit II."

"Kuyucu Murat Pasha, who put down a Celali revolt during his time as
Sadrıazam (1606-1611), was a Croation and Rüstem Pasha was a very
influential force during Sultan Süleyman's reign.  There aren't many Ottoman
works left in Croatia but we continue to trace them.  We've taken the first
step in Skadin."

skradin croatia map ile ilgili görsel sonucu
           Skradin is a bit in from the Adriatic coast.

One of the most famous Ottoman works in Croatia is the bridge that Sultan
Süleyman had built over the Drava River in Osijek.  The bridge was
designed by Miman Sinan, the great architect, and it ran for 7 kilometers,
having been built by 25,000 men without even one nail.  The bridge served
to enable the Sultan's expeditions to Europe and the Balkans, including the
siege of Zigetvar in 1566. 

ottoman croatia map ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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