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Surprised Lotto Winner Won't Change (We'll See)

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 2 November 2017)

mehmet cihan artvin ile ilgili görsel sonucu
The Michael Jordan of lotto winners - Just Do It!
(in other words 'Ya Gotta Play to Win!')

In Artvin, Mehmet Cihan (40) has been working for minimum
wage as a newspaper distributor for 15 years.  On 6 September
Cihan bought a lottery ticket and when the winning numbers
were drawn by Milli Piyango (lottery authority) on 9 September
Cihan's ticket had all the right numbers for the 2.5 million TL

However, Cihan forgot to check his ticket, which was worth
625,000 TL.  A month and a half later, while shopping Cihan
came up a bit short.  He found the ticket in his wallet and hoping
that he might have won a lira or two so he could pay his bill,
Cihan handed the ticket to the cashier.  When cashier Lale
Akgök checked the ticket she and Cihan realized that he had
won 625,000 TL. (!)

Cihan then borrowed 50 TL from Akgök, went to a notary and
had the ticket verified as his.  After getting his money Cihan
says he's planning to buy a house.  He added that "I'm a poor
guy. This is a lot of money for me. But I'm the same Mehmet
Cihan.  I'll just keep on working."

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