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Finally! Turks Invent the 'Smart Toilet'

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(Korkusuz Newspaper, 5 November 2017)

selin yurtsever hüseyin emre ile ilgili görsel sonucu
                     These kids today!

Two students from a private science high school in Avcılar, Istanbul, have
taken the world-wide second prize at the International Mostratec Science
and Technology Fair in Brazil.  The 'Smart Toilet' invented by seniors
Selin Yurtsever and Hüseyin Emre Akgüç earned them second place at
Mostratec, considered one of the world's foremost science organizations.

The toilet the youths invented analyzes urine and, depending on the results,
may warn the user to consult a doctor.  One of the students, Selin Yurtsever,
was inspired by her mother, who is a nurse and she said she also had 'urine
support' (!) from her mother's patients.  Selin's partner Hüseyin explained
that the test can be purchased for 30 TL (about $7), costs about 25 kuruş
(5 cents) and does no harm to the environment.

smart toilet ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Upscale model also available (if you have to ask 'how much'...)

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