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Elon Musk Gets a Good Scrubbing at Turkish Bath

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 11 November 2017)

elon musk celalettin aslan ile ilgili görsel sonucu
'Tellak' Ali Güvenç says "He disappeared under the bubbles. I 
asked him for an electric car." (!)

World-famous businessman Elon Musk has been on a visit to Turkey.
After his busy schedule, Musk relieved his stress by going to the historic
Şengül Hamam (Turkish bath) in Ankara.  Before arriving, though, both
Musk's bodyguards and those of President Erdoğan checked out the
hamam and gave it the OK.

Musk's friend, his company's female general director, went to the
women's section of the hamam.  Musk himself  first went to the hamam's
sauna room to sweat a bit.  The hamam's 'tellak' (attendant who massages
and bathes customers at a Turkish bath), 41-year veteran 'tellak' Ali
Güvenç, related that "I first invited him (Musk) to the sauna and he asked
me my name in Turkish.  I responded and he told me his name.  I could tell
this was his first time at a hamam by the way he behaved.  Next, I took him
to the steam bath, but he stuck his head in, found it too hot and didn't go in.
Right away, I put him on the 'göbek taşı' (heated marble slab to lie on for
sweating in a Turkish bath.)  He's so tall that he took up the entire 'göbek

Güvenç said that Musk stayed at the hamam for about an hour and a
half: "After he sweat for a bit I gave him a good scrubbing and he
laughed when he saw all the dead skin that came off his arms. Next
he had a nice relaxing bubble bath and I said to his bodyguard Nick
'look, your boss disappeared!'  I gave him a massage, but not too rough.
He was very pleased and said 'thank you' in Turkish, promising to
come again. As a joke, I asked him for an electric car and he smiled
and nodded his head.  We're glad to see our famous guests off
happily.  He got used to it and will keep visiting hamams."

The hamam's manager, Celalettin Aslan, said that "despite our protests,
they insisted on paying.  The total was 157 TL (about $45)."  Musk's
bodyguard also left a 40 TL tip.

şengül hamamı ankara ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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