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Accused Geriatric Canine Rapist a Social Media Victim

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 16 November 2017)

Köpeğe tecavüz etmekle suçlanıyordu! Gerçek şoke etti
In today's hypersensitive sexual harassment environment...

A photo that went viral on social media almost blackened the life of
an 80-year-old man in İkizli village of Çorum's Sungurlu district.
After the photo, supposedly depicting "someone raping a dog", was
published, the Gendarmerie went to the village and took Kazım Kapkıner
into custody for the offense.  The dog was taken to the Yörüklü
Gendarmerie post for an examination by a veterinarian but when no
evidence of rape was found the animal was put in a shelter.

Kapkıner explained that he was untieing a 5-meter chain wrapped
around the dog's leg when the picture was taken.  After being released
by the Gendarmerie, Kapkıner explained that "the dog belonged to my
neighbor who moved to Ankara.  I was keeping an eye on him in my
garden and had him tied to a tree.  When the dog began to whine I
saw that the chain had wrapped around his feet so I lifted the chain
over the dog's back to get it off him.  That's when, unbeknownst to
me, my picture was taken.  I was having tea in the morning when the
Gendarmerie came and hauled me off to jail."

kazım kapkıner ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Budding paparazzi Ergülü K. takes first step to fame and fortune.

The 'photographer' turned out to be 14-year-old Ergülü K., who
lamented that "the incident happened two or three days ago.  Uncle
Kazım was removing the chain from the dog so I took the picture
as a joke and sent it to my friends with the caption.  My friends
put it on social media.  I had no idea it would come to this. I've
apologized to Uncle Kazım and his family."

çorum haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Sungurlu district is in southwestern Çorum province.


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