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FETÖ 'Brad Pitt' Picky About Bride

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 1 November 2017)

brad pitt ile ilgili görsel sonucu
FETÖ 'Brad Pitt' and fellow bachelors await FETÖ bride catalogue.

The ByLock messages of FETÖ (Fethullah Gülen Terror Organization)
judges and prosecutors have been included in the file pertaining to
the investigation into FETÖ's judicial infrastructure being conducted by
the Judges and Prosecutors Council (HSK).   Many of the messages
relate to 'izdivaç' (marriage), showing that the bachelor FETÖ members
were continually pressured about getting married and shown candidate
spouses, as the examples below reflect:

"We have to get in touch with Nurten hanım (a judge) and Hülya hanım
(a judge).  Semih Bey's wedding is happening, we'll talk next week.
The ((FETÖ)) big brother I talked to will get together with our big brother,
who I'll talk to next week about who's available in Kayseri.  I have
candidates for Gökhan bey and Sinan bey, I have to get in touch with
them.  There was a candidate for Kadriye hanım (a judge) but it fell

In another series of messages, a FETÖ judge insistently requests
marriage candidates from his big brother, boasting that "I'm a confirmed
bachelor. The other big brothers pumped me up, saying I'm the 'Brad
Pitt' of the era, but I didn't like any ((candidates))." 

The conversation:

A: I don't have a wife I can talk to about work.
B: I'll look into your marriage situation carefully.  Our marriage big
brother is in the loop, too.
A: big brother, if there are any available now show me...
B: OK, I'll send you the catalogue ((!))
A: ooo, you're getting me excited !
B: I just got this duty. I'll look into it personally for you.
A: My height is 1.80 ((5'9")) and my weight is 85.90 kilos ((189 lbs)).
I'm from Sakarya.
B: Don't worry, I have your information.
A: Let's work together. I've gotten my assignment.  If not this year,
maybe we can get this done in a couple of years.
B: All kidding aside, our big brothers' criterion is very demanding.
Let's not disappoint the big sisters.
A: My preference is for someone between 1.65-1.75 ((cm)) and
not from my profession. I prefer a teacher, one who's good-looking.
B: Whatever your preferences are, don't worry. There are some of
your lady colleagues available.
A: Let's aim high and not get caught short.  Since I haven't wanted
a colleague as a wife I'm in this situation.  I'm a confirmed bachelor.
The other big brothers pumped me up, saying I'm the 'Brad Pitt' of
the era, but I didn't like any ((candidates)).
B: Understand.  This is beyond my competence.  Don't disappoint
Taha Bey (marriage imam)."

get smart siegfried ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Gülen shown 'persuading' a reluctant bachelor to marry,
noting that "We have ways..."

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