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Wild Pigs as Liberation Symbols

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(Hürriyet Daily News, 28 November 2017)

Turkish district marks liberation anniversary with parade of hunted boars
Historians resorting to  "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" theory
to figure out the symbolism.

A Turkish district has marked its anniversary of freedom from 
invasion with a parade of hunted boars, causing outrage among
animal rights activists.  Hunters in the Enez district of the western
province of Edirne paraded with the boars they killed during a 
ceremony organized to mark the 95th anniversary of the district’s 
freedom from invasion on Nov. 24.

Enez District Governor Elif Canan Tuncer Ersöz, main opposition 
Republican People’s Party (CHP) Edirne lawmakers Okan 
Gaytancıoğlu and Erdin Bircan, Enez Mayor Abdullah Bostancı 
from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and 
representatives of political parties, as well as citizens, attended 
the ceremony, in which a parade took place after a speech by 

The Enez Hunters’ Club’s parade was the most attention-grabbing one,
with dead boars loaded on trucks passing through the ceremony area,
 prompting animal rights groups to object to the incident.
“Did we save this country from enemy invasion by killing animals?”
said Enez Protection of Natural Life, Environment and Stray Animals
Association head Selma Yılmaz, as she added that the parade
“showed killing as a legitimate act.”

“We are obliged to live with such narrow minded, shallow and 
barbaric people. This is a mindset that kills boars and exhibits them
on a day of liberation and takes pride in it. Children are being 
raised in this type of environment. Killing is shown as if it’s a 
legitimate act.” said Yılmaz. 
enez haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Enez is at far left, on the Greece-Turkey border.

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