10 Mart 2012 Cumartesi

Citizens Snooze As Tunnel Dug, Gold Removed

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(Sabah Newspaper, 9 March 2012)

In Ordu, suspects who reached the safe of Ahmet Karakoç's Yeşim jewelry
store last Sunday night by tunneling through the foundation took six
kilograms of gold worth one million lira. When the thieves attempted to
rob the adjacent jewelry store the alarm went off and they fled.

It has been determined that the three robbers are Georgians and that they
dug the 8-meter tunnel over three months, living in the tunnel the whole
time. Food, drinks, living materials and cigarette packages belonging to the
robbers were found in the tunnel.

The Ordu police chief, Hakan Kırmacı, called on citizens to be more alert,
saying 'during excavation between 400 and 500 kilograms of dirt was
removed. The fall of the 650 kilogram safe two or three meters didn't
even wake our citizens, unfortunately. If our citizens had been more
alert perhaps we could have intervened before the thieves got out of the

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