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Disfunctional Inflatable Woman

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(Sabah Newspaper, 23 March 212)

In Denizli, a citizen who purchased a blow-up doll was dissatisfied so he
applied to the Consumer Rights Arbitration Committee. However, an
expert on the matter who could evaluate the product could not be found.

The citizen who purchased the inflatable woman over the internet claimed
that the product 'did not achieve its functions' and in his letter to the
Science, Industry and Technology Provincial Directorate he asked that
the directorate 'decide whether the product is proper or improper' by
assigning an expert to evaluate it. The directorate categorized the blow-up
doll as 'health material' and appealed to health organizations for such
an expert. Despite all efforts, though, 'a credentialed expert' who could
evaluate the propriety or impropriety of the product could not be found.

Directorate Chief Ali Erkan stated that 'we are tasked with evaluating
any and all commercial complaints from our citizens. Whether it's
furniture or a cellphone, it's something that's been purchased. We
applied to health organizations but an expert didn't turn up and they
said they couldn't act as an expert for us. Nevertheless, we're continuing
our efforts to solve the citizen's complaint.'

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