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Fancy Sneakers Foil ATM Thieves

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(Sabah Newspaper, 11 March 2012)

In Kartal, Istanbul, there was a bank robbery just like in the movies. On 7
January, 46 year-old S.A. came to the bank for some business but the ATM
took her credit card because its validity had expired. S.A. told bank guard
Cem S. about the situation and left the bank. About a month later another
customer, S.G. (65), came to the bank and gave her credit card to Cem S.
so he could help her check the money she had put into her account. Cem S.
learned the credit card password and with quick hands gave S.A.'s card -
the one that the ATM ate a month earlier - to S.G.

Cem S. went into action as soon as the elderly woman left the bank. He
met with his friend Salih T. who withdrew 10,000TL from ATM's in
Kartal, Sancaktepe and Sultanbey at various times. Customer S.G.
realized that she had been swindled and went to the police who began an
investigation. The police determined that someone whose face and head
were covered had emptied S.G.'s account and they noticed that this person
was wearing designer sneakers.

The police then examined the images from the bank branch at Yakacık
(where Cem S. worked as a bank guard), noticing that a person with the
same sneakers had met with Cem S. in front of the branch. Salih T. (30)
and his partner Cem S. were taken into custody.

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