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Sleep Talk Reunites Brothers After 12 Years

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(Sabah Newspaper, 6 March 2012)

Ahmet Erken was lost during the Marmara Earthquake and when found
he couldn't talk so he was placed in a rehabilitation center in Sakarya.
His identity was ultımately determined when he talked in his sleep and
he has been reunited 12 years later with his older brother Ali and
younger brother Mustafa who live in Kırkpınar village near Niğde city.

Ahmet Erken (51) came to Istanbul from Niğde in 1999 but his family
lost track of him after the Marmara Earthquake. Erken was found
wandering in an unkempt and disheveled condition along the highway
at Sapanca on 14 February 2009. He was placed in a rehabilitation
center in Sakarya but even after three years of therapy he couldn't

Last month, however, Erken was heard talking in his sleep, saying
'Ali brother, lets go to Niğde to see my father Rüstem.' Based on
this information the experts looked at the names of those from
Niğde who had filed missing person reports and reached Ali Erken.
When Ahmet Erken saw his brothers Ali and Mustafa he was
at first nervous but then hugged them and cried. The brothers have
made an application to have Ahmet transferred to the social services
center in Niğde.

Older brother Ali Erken explained that 'I cried when I got the call
from social services. I was in shock and couldn't talk for a while.
They gave the phone to my brother and I said 'Ahmet' to him.
Just a tear drop fell from his eye and he dropped the phone.'

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