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Three Month Cat Captivity Has Happy Ending

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 25 March 2012)

In Izmir, a street cat named 'Tekir' (Tabby) got stuck three months ago
in the beams of the Kurtuluş Avenue viaduct while hunting after pidgeons.
Repeated but fruitless efforts were made to rescue the cat, which could not
get down from the 15 meter height.  Animal lovers did not lose hope even
though the cat ran away each time they tried to rescue it, throwing food
to the cat's location to keep it alive. They attached cages to the viaduct,
hoping Tekir would enter, but to no avail.

The day before yesterday firefighters tried for the seventh time to rescue
Tekir. While the firefighters and animal lover Ender Adadar chased after
the cat along the 80 meter length of the viaduct for half an hour, citizens
below held a blanket to catch Tekir in case of a fall. The cat eluded its
would-be rescuers and looked down for a while before jumping into the
blanket below.  Tekir was unhurt and took refuge under a nearby car
as everyone applauded the end of Tekir's three months of captivity.

//herewith another 'tekir', Zipzip, of our editor's household with her newly-
hatched (22 March 2012) brood...//

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