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Slice of Heaven For Sale

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(Sabah Newspaper, 6 March 2012)

Teams from the Public Safety Bureau of the Antalya Security Department
took six people, three of them women, into custody for bilking citizens in
Antalya, Hatay, Kırıkkale, Çankırı and Ankara out of 6 million TL in two
years, promising them places in heaven. The suspects allegedly
hoodwinked their victims by exploiting their religious beliefs. After two
months of technical and physical surveillance, police conducted an
operation and took the gang's supposed leader F.K. into custody, along
with his wife N.K., a doctor named A.C.Y., A.Y., U.T. and F.Y.

During the interrogation at security headquarters it was determined that
gang leader F.K. and his disciples, manipulating religious beliefs, told
citizens that F.K had been Veysel Karani in a previous life and that
'we'll give you a place in heaven' in return for large amounts of money.
Security officials determined that the six suspects had used this ruse
for two years, raking in 6 million TL.

Police found out that gang leader F.K. has a record of three robbery
convictions. They also determined that the gang used money (in some
way) to defraud two women.

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