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Cellphone Terror and Headbutted Imam

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(Sabah Newspaper, 5 March 2012)

At evening prayers last week at the Istinye Kaplıcalar mosque in Sariyer,
Istanbul, 24 year-old Uğur Ç.'s cellphone rang. Imam Ahmet Ç. warned the
young man and told him to shut off his phone. Uğur Ç. became angry and
went outside but returned when the prayers had finished. He shouted at
Imam Ahmet Ç. 'who are you yelling at you bastard!' and then headbutted
the Imam who fell to the ground with a bloody nose as the congregation

After receiving treatment at the hospital. Imam Ahmet Ç. got a judicial
report in relation to his injury and the prosecutor began an inquiry into
the incident. In his statement, Uğur Ç. denied any guilt and lodged a
complaint about Ahmet Ç., whom Uğur Ç. claimed had called him a
'bastard'. The prosecutor completed his inquiry and asked the court for
a sentence of between 1.5 and 3.5 years in prison for Uğur Ç. for the
crime of  'injuring and insulting.' The prosecutor did not find any
basis for Uğur Ç.'s claim that Imam Ahmet Ç. had called him a 'bastard'.
Uğur Ç.'s trial will start in Istanbul Petty Crimes Court in the days

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