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'Pious Ladies' With Robin Hood Dreams

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(Sabah Newspaper, 28 March 2012)

In Izmir, two 19 year-old youths came up with a robbery plan that
not even Satan could think of. The youths wore high school uniforms
underneath black coverings (like those pious women wear), complete
with eye veils, and had anesthetic spray, ether and a large amount of
medicine with them. They planned to avoid identification by cameras
with the black coverings and then make their escape as high school boys.
But if caught they had medicines available to commit suicide and even
prepared suicide notes for their relatives.

Since they didn't have any money they took the city bus en route to
the robbery but the driver and passengers were suspicious of these
two 'ladies' who wore woolen gloves, didn't speak and had broad
shoulders and muscular builds. So the police were called to check on
the two people wearing black coverings and eye veils who boarded
the Ciğli-Bostanlı bus yesterday morning and sat in the back of the
bus on the left side.

Among the passengers was Sabah correspondant Görkem Türkyılmaz,
who thought that the two 'pious ladies' might be terrorists. He informed
the driver of his suspicions discreetly and the driver, who also
registered doubts about the two 'ladies' when they boarded, called
the police 115 hotline. A police team from the Karşıyaka Public Security
office stopped the bus at the Çiğli intersection, boarded quickly and
had the two suspects lie on the floor. When the police lowered the
suspects' veils they were shocked to see that they were men, as the
other bus passengers had guessed.

The police determined that the suspects were Tuncer Emre Erenda,
a high school graduate employed at a plastics workshop, and Yusufcan
Komur, who works at a customs company. Neither of the two had
any previous police record. When they took off the black coverings
the high school uniforms they were wearing were exposed. The two
suspects each had a knife, a large number of pills, gloves, anesthetic
spray and  a bottle of ether, along with suicide notes, as they headed
toward the robbery venue.

The suspects hoped to avoid identification by cameras by wearing
the full black coverings and then escape easily in the guise of high
school students. Their target was the TEDAŞ (electric utility) office
at Şemikler, which was robbed two months ago. If caught the two
planned to commit suicide with the medicines they brought along
and had even prepared suicide notes, which read as follows:
'Please understand us for as you read this we have met our Maker.
We're not thieves. We can't look into the faces of our family and
our aim is to give our families a better life but the plan didn't work
out and we can't bear to be held in a jail with thieves. With the
money from this robbery we were going to help the poor around
us and those in worse straits than we are.'

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