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Camels Smoke Out Spectators

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(Sabah Newspaper, 19 March 2012)

There were some exciting moments at the camel wrestling event held in
Havran, Balıkesir. Some of the camels broke through the barbed wire into
the crowd. While there was some damage done to a vehicle, fortunately
the spectators watching the wrestling matches were spared from getting
crushed under the camels. During the matches several of the camels hurt
their feet and as some of them fled the arena they broke through the
barbed wire and into the crowd. A few cars and sales stands were

This was the third time that the matches have been held, organized by
the Havran Municipality and the Havran Camels Association. 100 camels
from the Aegean and Marmara provinces and districts participated,
creating lots of excitement. With viewers enjoying barbecues along
the edge of the arena, accompanied by drums and clarinets, the event
enjoyed a special glow.

The fierce battles between the camels got a bit out of hand and some
camels stampeded through the barbed wire and into the spectators.
The wrestling arena resembled a war zone as some of the camels,
frightened of their rivals, fled the field. One of the camels broke its
foot during a match.

Some of the camels were bloodied during the wrestling and the tears
of one whose eye was hit were reflected in the cameras. Even the
camel owners got agitated at each other during the tense matches.
But mostly the spectators watched the matches in the nice weather
in a picnic-like atmosphere. Havran District Chief Mustafa Eldivan,
Havran Mayor Hasan Lofçalıoğlu and Agriculture Office Chief
Emin Ersoy joined the other spectators watching the camel wrestling.

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