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Snow Ambulance Ride to Catch the Bus

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 18 March 2012)

In Iğdır, Zennure Taş, who lives in Sarıbulak village where the road was
blocked by snow, called 112 (Turkey's 911) on the prextext of being ill.
It turned out, however, that the woman, who was transported by a snow
ambulance with caterpillar treads, brought her suitcases with her. She
wasn't sick but only wanted to catch the bus to Izmir.

Taş (62) lives in Sarıbulak village, which is 60 kilometers from Tuzluca
district of Iğdır province, but the road to the village was covered with
snow. So on 15 March, Taş told her relatives that she was sick and asked
them to call 112 Emergency Service. Based on this information, a medical
team set out in the snow ambulance to reach the village but when they
failed to break through the snow, workers from the Provincial Special
Administration opened the road.

When Taş boarded the ambulance with her suitcases she allegedly told
the medical team 'don't take me to the hospital. Get me to the bus in
Iğdır so I can go to see my daughter in Izmir.'  Nevertheless, Taş was
brought to the Tuzluca State Hospital Emergency Service for a check-up
but there was nothing medically wrong with her.  

A report was logged about Taş and her relatives who called 112 and legal
measures have begun.

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