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'Borat' Version of Kazakh Anthem Played

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 25 March 2012)

Kazakhistan has demanded an investigation into the playing of the
Kazakh national anthem version taken from the film 'Borat', during
the medal ceremony at an international sports competition in Kuwait.
Kazakh sportswoman Maria Dmitrienko won a gold medal at the
Arab Marksmanship Championship in Kuwait but the made-up
version of the Kazakh national anthem scored for the 2006 film
'Borat', which has English lyrics, was played at the ceremony on

Dmitrienko couldn't keep from laughing during the ceremony but
ensured that the official version of the anthem was played when
the ceremony was repeated. Kazakh Foreign Minister Ilyas
Omarov said yesterday that 'this is a scandal. We want a complete
investigation.' It is thought that the organizers, who apologized,
mistakenly downloaded the 'anthem' from the internet.

The 'Borat' character, a dumb and macho Kazakh TV personality
created by British comedian Sacha Baran Cohen, produced a very
negative reaction in Kazakhistan. 

The Kazakh national anthem was written in 1956 and accepted as
the country's anthem in 2006. It has a refrain that goes 'My country,
my country. Let me sow your rose, hum your song, my country.
My birthplace! My Kazakhistan.'

Herewith a portion of the lyrics from the supposed anthem:
'Kazakhistan is the world's biggest country. The other countries are
run by girls. Besides Uzbekistan, Kazakhistan is everyone's friend.
We discovered pants. Kazahkistan's prostitutes are the region's
cleanest. Except for those in Turkmenistan. Come, grasp our leader's
giant penis.'

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