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Getting Buried Alive is No Joke

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(Sabah Newspaper, 19 March 2012)

N. Çiftçi's husband tried to bury her alive in a forested area of Ayazağa in
Istanbul in August of last year. During the first hearing of the case at the
Istanbul Court of First Instance, N. Çiftçi stated that at first she thought
that the terrifying event was a joke.

Çiftçi's husband felt regret at the last moment and took her to the hospital.
N. Çiftçi explained that 'he had just dug the grave and put me in it. Then
he started to pile dirt over me. I thought it was a joke but when I realized
he meant to bury me I cried out.'  The husband, Alpaslan Çiftçi, was
charged with 'intentional injuring' and a 14 year sentence was requested
at the trial. For his part, Alpaslan Çiftçi said that 'I take care of our two
children. I caught her exchanging messages with other guys and getting
into one of their cars. I told N. Çiftçi to take one of the children and she
responded by saying 'we'll put a dress on you and leave you in the forest.''

Continuing, Alpaslan Çiftçi stated that 'I called Yasemin Caner and
asked her to bring N. Çiftçi to me. I asked N. Çiftçi about the men she
met with and she said that because of pressure from her aunt she had
befriended one of them. I got angry and threw a bat and a shovel that
were there at her. But I didn't dig the ground and try to bury her.
Yasemin Caner tried to hold me back but I got mad at her and hit her
too. When blood started coming from N. Çiftçi's head I felt badly and
began to cry. That's when I took her to the hospital on my motorcycle.
Anyway, we're in divorce proceedings.'

Yasemin Caner, who lives with Alparslan Çiftçi and for whom a 9-year
sentence has been requested for 'assisting in a crime', stated that 'they
argued. When N. Çiftci said 'I'll sleep with your closest friends' Alpaslan
started to beat her. I tried to separate them. There wasn't any effort to
bury her.'

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