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Eye Socket Power Unseen So Far in Kayseri

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(Sabah Newspaper, 9 March 2012)

In Kayseri, Zafer Pezük (36) is making a try at a record...the married,
father of four, has decided to attempt to break the record of an
Englishman who pulled three people on a three-person bike with hooks
that he fastened to his eye sockets. Pezük saw the feat accomplished
on the internet.

Pezük previously moved a truck and two tramway cars weighing
86 tons to earn the moniker of 'Anatolian Hercules'. He attempted the
new record in front of reporters at a factory by tying a spoon-fork
tool that he made into hooks to his eye sockets. In his first attempt
Pezük fell down. During his second the hooks disconnected from his
eye sockets, resulting in a failed effort.

In his third try, Pezük pulled a 1-ton 200 kilogram truck, with the
clutch in neutral, 25 meters. He then celebrated his feat along with
the factory workers and said that his next goal is to pull an airplane.
Noting that an English sportsman had pulled 400 kilograms with his
eyesockets, Pezük claimed that he would achieve the record by
pulling three times that weight.

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