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Organ Donor's Dad Exacts Price from Killer

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(Sabah Newspaper, 13 March 2012)

In Kahramanmaraş, the father of Kenan Bozoğlu, who was killed in a fight,
donated his son's organs to save the lives of five people. The father then had
his son's murderer killed.

Kenan Bozoğlu (30) was seriously wounded in the head when he he got in
the middle of  a gunfight in Göksun district of Kahramanmaraş on
26 May 2011. After Bozoğlu was declared brain dead at the hospital his
father, Zeki Bozoğlu (67), donated his son's organs. Five patients benefitted
from Bozoğlu's heart, liver, two kidneys and pancreas. Bozoğlu's family
held Seyit Gazi Dağıstanlı (32), who had gone to the scene of the incident
with Bozoğlu but who escaped unharmed, responsible for their son's death.

Dağıstanlı moved with his family to Antalya's Alanya district to escape
the pressure brought by these accusations. On 4 February Dağıstanlı
disappeared after leaving his work place and a day later his body was
found along the Konyaaltı shoreline. Police determined that Dağıstanlı
had been murdered and the resulting investigation found that Oktay
Arslan (28) and Ümit Yedikule (27) had committed the crime at the behest
of Zeki Bozoğlu and his other son Mehmet Bozoğlu (39) of Istanbul.
Police took another seven people into custody for aiding and abetting the

It was determined that Zeki and Mehmet Bozoğlu agreed to a price of
150,000TL for the murder, a portion of which was paid up front. It
turned out that one of the triggermen, Oktay Arslan, was a boyhood
friend of Dağıstanlı's. Arslan had called Dağıstanlı to get together and
then knocked him out in the car with a blunt object. Dağıstanlı was
then dumped with his hands and legs tied into the sea near Kemer. The
11 suspects were transported to the court on duty with a request that
they be arrested.

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