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Chivalrous Dad Left Holding the Bag

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 24 March 2012)

Burak Çakır was charged with slapping his girlfriend and stealing her
cellphone but he was exonerated for lack of evidence. The father of
the girl, however, was hit with a sentence of 1 year 5 months for
breaking Çakır's nose.

University student S.Ö. (19) was confronted by her boyfriend Burak
Çakır while on her way home in April 2011 in Ilkadim district of
Samsun. Çakır wanted S.Ö.'s cellphone and when she wouldn't give
it to him he slapped her. Çakır took the SIM card from the girl's
phone and put his own in. S.Ö. then complained to the police.

S.Ö.'s father, Alaettin Ö. (51) tracked down Çakır in town and as
they talked a fight broke out, with Alaettin headbutting Çakır and
breaking his nose. Both sides filed complaints about each other -
against Çakır for slapping and robbing the young girl, and against
Alaettin Ö. for beating up Çakır.

Çakır did not attend the last court session but said in his earlier
statement that he and the young girl were in a romantic relationship.
He claimed that 'we argued but I didn't hit her.' S.Ö. insisted that
Çakır had hit her but she withdrew her complaint against him.
Consequently, Çakir was exonerated for lack of evidence. Alaettin
Ö., however, was sentenced to 1 year, 5 months in jail. His
sentence was postponed.

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