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Can't Keep a Good (and Slippery) Thief Down

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 15 March 2012)

Yavuz K. (41) who stole a 400,000TL watch collection, two revolvers and
jewelry from the Sarıyer villa of former Galatasaray director and businessman
Cemal Özgörkey has been taken into custody by police.

It has been learned that Yavuz K. had been arrested and tried in connection
with the robbery at the seaside villa of former Prime Minister Tansu Çiller
that occurred in 2005. The suspect left prison with permission a month
ago but didn't return and was being sought as an escapee.

There was a robbery at Özgörkey's villa located in Sarıyer on Köybaşı
boulevard on 26 February 2012. The thief entered through the waterside
window of the villa, took the 400,000TL collection of six watches, two
revolvers and jewelry, and then fled.

Police first reviewed security camera images as their investigation began
and noticed that Yavuz K., who has a record for robberies, was walking
along the street where the robbery took place. But according to police
records, Yavuz K. was supposed to be in prison. After checking, police
learned that Yavuz K. had left prison on leave on 11 February but didn't
return. They soon tracked him down and took him into custody. When
Yavuz K. was brought to the police station for questioning he was
wearing one of the watches taken from Özgörkey's home, valued at
188,000TL. A search of Yavuz K.'s home turned up one of the stolen

During his interrogation it was determined that another interesting twist
had occurred. After Yavuz K. had escaped from Maltepe Prison and
one day before committing the robbery at the villa he had been arrested
in Bayrampaşa for cocain possession. But Yavuz K. gave police a phony
identity card and he was brought before the court and arrested under
this phony name. When Yavuz K. was brought to Metris Prison he
somehow slipped away from police and prison officials during

Yavuz K. confessed to the villa robbery but said that he learned only
afterwards that the watches he stole we so valuable. He said that he
thought of selling a similarly valued watch like the 188,000TL watch he
was wearing when caught but upon finding out the true value he said
to himself 'this watch is going to be nothing but trouble for me' so he
threw all three remaining watches into the sea.

Furthermore, it was learned that Yavuz K. had been arrested and tried
as the thief who stole 100,000 dollars worth of jewelry and foreign
exchange from the villa of former Prime Minister Tansu Çiller in 2005.
For this crime Yavuz K. received a sentence of 9 days but this was
converted to a monetary fine. Officials said that Yavuz K. has been
taken into custody dozens of times by the police. After his processing
was completed, Yavuz K. was taken to jail.

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