15 Temmuz 2013 Pazartesi

Bigfoot Gives 'Herself' Away

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 14 July 2013)
The 'lady' had big shoes to fill.

In Baskale district of Van province, Fesih A. (33) had an
argument last Friday about land in Azikli village with
Remzi Sahin (60) and Ibrahim Senol (54) and killed them
both with a Kalashnikov rifle. Fesih A. then disappeared.

Yesterday morning, police at the Sanliurfa Intercity Bus Terminal
stopped a person wearing a skirt and a woman's head-to-toe cloak
because the individual's manner of walking looked suspicious. As
the police checked the ID card of 'Hamide Kaya' they noticed that
the suspect was wearing very large shoes. The suspect was asked
about  'her' intended destination and 'she' turned out to be 'he'.

In the subsequent investigation, the suspect was determined to be
Fesih A., who was taken off to jail.

Baskale, Van, on the Iranian border.
Bigfoot's game over, in Sanliurfa.

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