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Village Justice for Loitering Drug Dealers

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(Sabah and Hurriyet Newspapers, 27 July 2013)

Locals take exception to out-of-towners.

In Kizilcakoy village, located 18 miles from the Kosk
district center in Aydin province, one of the village
women noticed four individuals, one of whom had a
pump-action rifle,  hanging around the fig gardens at
'iftar' time (evening meal after fasting is over during

The woman asked the individuals to identify themselves
but in response they threatened her with the rifle. She
then told her sons what had happened and they gathered
a group of villagers to give chase to the interlopers. The
suspects tried to escape and one of them, G.A. (34), began
firing the rifle. However, the rifle jammed and G.A. was
set upon by the villagers who beat him unmercifully in the
village square.

Suspects E.B. (32) and S.D. (32) were also captured by
the group and similarly beaten and brought to the village.
The remaining suspect got away. Some 700 of the village's
total population of 803 gathered in the village square and
they refused to allow the Gendarmerie and rescue personnel
to approach the badly injured G. A.

The Gendarmerie requested assistance from surrounding
districts and another 150 police and Gendarmerie personnel
arrived at the scene. Public prosecutor Zeki Polat also reached
the village and began an investigation. Six hours later, Polat
wanted the three beaten suspects to be taken to a hospital
but the villagers blocked the ambulance. Only after intervention
by the Gendarmerie was G. A. finally taken away by the

The villagers then pounded on the Gendarmerie vehicle in which
the other two wounded suspects were sitting. Eventually, they
too were extricated from the village, with great difficulty, and taken
to Aydin State Hospital. Prosecutor Polat took statements from 10
people who witnessed the incident in the courtyard of the village
mosque. When the villagers proclaimed that "we're all filing
complaints!" Polat told them to "come to the courthouse tomorrow
to make statements."

District chief Sefa Demiryurak and Mayor Rifat Kadri Kilinc also
came to the village and tried to calm the crowd. The suspects were
thought to be involved in marijuana cultivation near the village.
According to Demiryurek, last year 70,000 cannabis roots were
seized in the village. Finally, after 'sahur' (the early morning meal
before fasting begins), the crowd of angry villagers dispersed.

Kosk district, near Aydin provincial center.

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