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Freak Freckle Foils Fugitive

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 3 July 2013)
Captured at half past a freckle.

Kazakh businessman Dauren Tulebayev has been sought
by Interpol for two years for his membership in an
organized crime group. Tulebayev has been captured in
Istanbul but said "I'm not the person you're looking for."

Tulebayev was the subject of a manhunt for his role in
defrauding the Kazakh government of 1 billion dollars.
Police in Istanbul were able to identify him by the
distinctive freckle on his face.

A person calling the Kazakh Consulate in Istanbul informed
that Tulebayev (35) and his family were en route to a shopping
center in Bayrampasa, Istanbul, via a private minibus. The
Consulate officials notified Istanbul police at 1430 hours on
30 June. At first, police couldn't locateTulebayev but by checking
surveillance video they determined that Tulebayev had left the
shopping center in the same minibus.

Police next located the minibus in Bayrampasa and a panicked
Tulebayev ran off but was captured after a 15 minute chase.
He had a fake Kyrgyz passport in the name of Alizhanov Erlan
when he was taken to the police station along with his wife and
three children. Tulebayev insisted he was Erlan but his tell-tale
freckle gave him away. Interpol in France was notified of his
capture and extradition formalities were started.

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