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Man Up Above, The Beasts Below

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(Sabah Newspaper, 9 July 2013)
Who's afraid of the big bad bear?
Representative bear.

In Inebolu district, Kastamonu province, six workers
running a power line had to be rescued by the Gendarmerie
after they spent two hours hiding on the power poles and in
a tree for fear of bears.

The workers were putting in new power lines near Ikizler
village when they saw a bear below them. The bear wouldn't
leave so the workers called the Gendarmerie by cellphone
and requested assistance. When the Gendarmerie arrived the
bear finally left the scene.

The workers told the Gendarmerie that a couple of their
colleagues were working in the nearby forest. The Gendarmerie
team searched for them, as well, and found them up in a tree,
waiting out the bear.

Inebolu is on the Black Sea coast.

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 9 July 2013)
One angry mama.

In Indonesia, five people were rescued yesterday after
hiding for five days in a tree to avoid Sumatra tigers that
killed one of their friends. The six people had gone to
Leuser National Park to gather a special wood used in making
perfume when they accidentally killed a baby Sumatra tiger.

Angered at the death of their baby, the other tigers ravaged one
of the perfume-gathering group's members. The other group
members, in fear for their lives, climbed a tree, where they remained
stuck for five days while the tigers roamed below.

Leuser Park on the NE side of Sumatra.

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