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Surprises: While Enjoying the View; While Picnicking

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(Sabah Newspaper, 7 July 2013)
Car with a mind of its own.

In Mugla, a couple who left their 10-month old baby
in the car while they enjoyed the magnificent view of
the Gulf of Gokova, returned to find the car and child gone.
The couple explained to police that "someone stole our car
with our baby inside!" The child was saved when a
15 year-old boy noticed that the car was stuck among
trees at the cliff's edge.

Hakan and Saadet Sahip, who live in Germany, had come
to Turkey for a vacation by car. En route to Marmaris, they
came upon the Gulf of  Gokova and pulled off to the side
of the road to enjoy the view. They left their 10-month old
son Selim Han in the car while they and their other son
Kayhan Veysel headed down to the viewing terrace.

However, in his haste Hakan Sahip had forgotten to put
on the emergency brake and when they returned to find
the car gone they panicked and called police. Units in the
area were alerted to the make and model of the car.

About this time, 15-year old Serkan Ozturk, who was serving
tea with his father at the viewing terrace, heard a baby crying
from the cliffside. Ozturk found the child and brought him to
the terrace, where citizens called the police. When the Sahip
couple, who were making a statement to police in Mugla,
got news of their son's recovery they burst into tears.

Views are great, but take all the kids with you.
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(Sabah Newspaper, 7 July 2013)
Safe found in an unsafe place.

In Konya's Selcuk district, shop owner Musa Gorgulu
brought his car to a repair shop but later learned that
someone had broken into the car and stolen it, along with
the safe that was inside. Police subsequently found the car

Security camera video footage from the underpass of the
train tracks was then reviewed by police who noticed three
people with their faces covered acting as if they were
handicapped in the video. Police suspected that Ridvan Y. (18),
Hasan A. (18), M.E. (17) and M. O. (17), who all have records
and work at a local carwash, may have been involved in the

Police tracked the four suspects and found them having a picnic
in Karaaslan Hadimi Park. The stolen money was taped to their
bodies. The safe was found in a canal and the suspects exclaimed
that "we never thought this much money would be in the safe."
Selcuklu near Konya city.


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