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Israeli Spybird Penetrates Deep Into Turkey

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(Radikal Newspaper, 25 July 2013)
Latest model drone? Doesn't look all that Jewish...

In Elazig, villagers caught a bird with a tag written in Hebrew.
Thinking that the bird was involved in espionage activities, the
villagers delivered the creature to the local government chief.
The bird was x-rayed to discover hidden devices and the x-ray
was labled 'Israil Ajan' (Israili Agent).

The villagers of Altinayva, in Agin district, found the exhausted
kestrel (any of various small falcons noted for their habit of
hovering (hmmmm)) with a tag on its leg. Suspecting spying,
the bird was brought to village chief Nedim Akmese, who turned
it over to National Park authorities. Next, the bird went to Elazig
Firat Animal Hospital, where it was x-rayed in an effort to discover
any hidden chips, transmitters or receivers.

The tag on the bird's leg carried the message, in Hebrew, '-24311
Tel Avivunia Israel' and the x-ray plate was identified by the x-rayers
as 'Israil Ajan'. The kestrel was released into the wild today at the
site of Harput Buzluk Caves.

Guntac Kayapinar, deputy chief of the local office of Forests and Water
Affairs, stated that the bird had come from Israel, noting that "they
(Israelis) do a lot of work with birds. Besides the tag, there was nothing
else on the bird. After making our determinations we released it into
the wild. We have provided the necessary information to the concerned
Agin district in the far NW of Elazig.

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