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Ultimate Alimony: She Even Took the Roof

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(Sabah Newspaper, 13 July 2013)
Yours for a song. Sunroof included.

In Adana, Sahin Idem was in a state of shock after
his wife left him and took their house's door, windows
and roof with her. He is now living in the roofless home
by himself.

Ten years ago Idem married Fatma Idem, who had two
children from a previous marriage. The couple then had
two children of their own and were living in the Yesilbaglar
neighborhood of Yuregir district, with Sahin working as a
watchman in a park.

However, Sahin (40) committed a crime and was sent to prison
for 21 months. Taking advantage of the Supervised Freedom
Law, Sahin spent the last year of his sentence working as a
watchman at the swimming pool of the Yesilbaglar neighborhood
chief's office.

Twenty days ago Fatma and Sahin had an argument over jealousy.
Fatma left Sahin, taking her two children from her previous marriage
and leaving Sahin with their two children. As she left, Fatma and her
older brothers removed the door, windows and roof from the house.
Sahin's neighbors alerted him to the situation and he arrived at in home
to see the house being torn apart. Because of the law he was released
under, Sahin could do nothing to intervene, lest he get into trouble.

Now Sahin is bewildered about what to do next with his two children.
He decided for the time being to give them over to the Family and
Social Welfare Office in Adana and said "I was concerned about my kids
but now that they're in the care of the state I'm relieved. Whenever I want
I can go to see them and their mother can, too."

Sahin said that the house had been left to him by his mother and he added
that "while I was in prison my siblings helped out with the house and I
don't deny that my wife played her part, too. But I can't understand why
they took the washing machine, furnishings, windows, doors and even the
roof. They said they were going to sell the stuff and pay off debts. I'm
unemployed so I can't get the roof fixed. I love my wife, she's my children's
mother. If I get my house back I'll get my kids from the orphanage."


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