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Fate Takes Two, Gives One Back

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(Sabah Newspaper, 22 July 2013)
Fateful meeting for Ahmet (left) and little Zeynep.

The interesting incident occurred in the town of Bolumlu in
Trabzon province on 26 June. Brothers Ahmet and Ismail Kar
came to the town from Zonguldak because of their father's
illness. The next day Ahmet Kar was shaken by the death of
his father and the passing of a neighbor on the same day.

Ahmet Kar first buried his father and then his neighbor. He then
set out toward the funeral home to pay his condolences. At the
same time, Zeynep Yazici lost her balance while looking on to
the street from the window of her fourth-floor apartment and fell
on Ahmet Kar's head.

Ahmet Kar collapsed in pain but quickly pulled himself together
to help take the two year-old Zeynep to the hospital. Kar got three
stiches in his head and Zeynep was taken under observation and
then released. After the miraculous event, Kar and little Zeynep
met at the scene of the incident.

Noting that had he not been passing by Zeynep would not be alive
today, Ahmet Kar remarked "look at fate. My father dies, my neighbor
dies on the same day. Can all these be coincidences? I'm still in shock.
She fell on my head and then the ground. I really felt great pain, I can't
even describe it. This must be the first time in the world  that a child
has fallen."

Zeynep was not at all aware of what had happened to her and continues
to play at the window. Her father Fikri Yazici, a municipal worker, said
that he was across from the house with a friend when the incident
happened.  He said "I have four children and I'm always afraid they'll
fall. Now it's come to pass. I saw it happen and was in shock. I couldn't
move my arms and feet for a while. Thank God!"

Zeynep's mother Rukiye Yazici noted that "the moment she fell I felt
like I fell with her. I rushed down the stairs thinking my daughter had
died. When I got to the street I was grateful. God sent Ahmet here."

Not easy to find Bolumlu in Of district.
Here's Bolumlu, way in the south of Of district.

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