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Donna En Route, Kim* Far Behind?

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(Sabah Newspaper, 17 July 2013)
Snow surfing anyone?

Sexy USA actress Donna D'Errico has been in the Turkish
press lately more for her interest in Agri Dag (Mt. Ararat)
than for her beauty. D'Errico is on a quest to find Noah's Ark
because of her Catholic beliefs but last year during a climb of
the mountain she fell and got hurt.

Nevertheless, the USA star is determined to complete her quest
and this time she's coming with a camera crew. D'Errico collected
5,000 USD in five days over the internet for the climb and she said
that "I want to fulfill my childhood dream. This summer I'll try
Donna ready to climb (that's her on the right)

The 45 year-old blonde actress explained the details of her project
which she launched via "Kickstarter", an internet site that helps
people collect contributions. D'Errico said that she hopes to collect
10,000 USD by 25 July for her project, "The Secret of Mt. Ararat",
which she announced on 10 July. She's already garnered 5,000 USD.

D'Errico noted that she saw a film about Noah's Ark when she was
8 years old and was quite affected by it. She said that "So far I've
read every book and all the research about the sacred boat. I'm
preparing a long documentary that will cover my climb and the search
for the ark. I hope you'll support me." D'Errico, who survived a major
accident in 2010, stated that "this summer I'm trying again with my crew."

* for more on Kim's Turkish roots see:

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