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Hairraising Tale of Hoodwinking

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(Sabah Newspaper, 19 July 2013)
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Fidan U. (31) came to Istanbul from Mardin in the hope
of obtaining thick hair. She went to a hair clinic in the Nisantasi
section of Istanbul but ended up bald and has filed a compensatory suit.

According to Fidan U.'s petition, the hair clinic had Fidan U.,
who is illiterate, sign a 2,000 TL promisory note on 16 January,
together with her relative Serefhan T. Next,  Fidan U. paid the 2,000 TL
for the first phase of the program and the clinic cut off a tuft of her
hair. Allegedly, the hair tuft was sent abroad to be amplified.

The clinic officials gave Fidan U. a guarantee that the amplified hair
would be set into her scalp and that after two checks five months apart
she would have thick, sturdy hair for the rest of her life. These officials
called Fidan U. on 18 April and urgently summoned her to Istanbul because
the amplified tuft of hair had come back from abroad. Explaining that the
requisite procedure had to be accomplished right away, the clinic officials
collected another 2,000 TL from Fidan U.

During the procedure Fidan U.'s remaining hair was cut off and the amplified
hair that had come back from abroad was supposedly set into her scalp.
But Fidan U. claimed that it wasn't her hair at all and was, in fact, a wig that
the clinic officials pasted onto her scalp. In her petition to the court, Fidan U.
declared that "I lost my hair and became bald. Despite the claim that I
would have 'my own natural hair', clinic officials pasted a wig onto my head,
like a practical joke. The glue comes loose when I shower and the wig
slides off. I have been in psychological therapy for three months."

Fidan U. has sued the hair clinic for 79,200 TL.

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